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People have been grumbling for years about the strategy consulting industry, whose reports fail to solve the problem of finding and implementing strategies to better fit a changing environment. A consultant’s report—all thought and little heart, forecasting where you can flourish in two or five or 10 years, produced by smart outsiders, and acted on in a linear way by a limited number of appointed people—has little or no chance of success in a faster-moving, more uncertain world.

The inevitable failures of single operating systems hurt us now. They are going to kill us in the future. The 21st century will force us all to evolve toward a fundamentally new form of organization. I believe that I have basically described that form here. We still have much to learn. Nevertheless, the companies that get there first, because they act now, will see immediate and long-term success—for shareholders, customers, employees, and themselves. Those that lag will suffer greatly, if they survive at all.

A version of this article appeared in the November 2012 issue of .

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is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at Harvard Business School and the Chief Innovation Officer at Kotter International , a firm that helps leaders accelerate strategy implementation in their organizations. His newest book, , was released in April 2014.

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This is actually a traditional organizational design response - it solve first for the human need for certainty. In the emerging work world, that is inadequate.There are three driving influence in org. design today; 1) Overwhelming complexity 2) Increasing speed of change, and 3) the human need for certainty. Without fail, all traditional org. design solves for certainty above complexity and change. Yet it is our ability to embrace complexity and change that keeps an organization healthy. Traditional approaches like this one readily recognize complexity and change as influences, but in order to preserve certainty, the only possible solution is to respond to complexity with complication. Like the complicated matrix organization of the 80s-90s; this solution solves first for the status quo while attempting to address complexity and change with added layers of complication. Complicated problems, like an aircraft carrier, can be solved with complex rules, formulas, policies and constructs. Complexity (the universe, the internet, block chain, business and markets) is full of overwhelming unknown unknowns and outside influences that defy complex control mechanism like the above.The only response to a world full of complexity and change is simplicity - leading by a few principles not policies, organic leadership not hierarchical management, and a commitment to change that starts locally and works its way to the center.This dual org. solution also assumes that the center, the strategic function, still has the wisdom and breadth of understanding to see what needs to change, and then organize responses to it. This Genius Hero model is dead. The world is simply too complex for any strategic function to control and dictate the direction of an organization. Rather than a top-down hierarchy “telling” the organization what to do, the most successful companies, like The Morning Star Co., W. L. Gore, GE Aviation, Semco, Nearsoft, the Apollo Education call center, and thousands more are trading in management hierarchy for organic leadership. The result is a nimble, flexible, evolving organization that changes from the edges on in. The strategic takes its cues from the edges where change is happening first, long before the strategic function ever encounters it. When the edges are free to respond to localized complexity and change, this informs the strategic function, and the organization remains healthy, flexible, adaptive and always evolving. Self-managed teams without a command and control hierarchy represent the simple (not simplistic) organizational design response to a complex world.The author is correct that hierarchies are no longer up to the task. Leaving them in place and adding new layers of complication only delays the inevitable and exacerbates the problem.The necessary priority for organizational design today is to organize for complexity and change first, and address the human need for certainty as the third influence, not the first.

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| January 25, 2018

Over the past few years, website builders have become a popularway to build small business websites . When you watch their advertisements on television or YouTube, they look pretty easy to use. On the surface, they sound like a great option. You pay a relatively small monthly fee, pick a template, create some pages, and you’ve got yourself a website. Simple, right?

Not so fast.

While it may seem like a perfectly fine option, there are a number of reasons why using an online website building service may not be in your best interest. Here are four things to consider:

Variety is the spice of life.

With a website builder, there is a limit to the number of templates you can use for your site. For example, Wix currently has about 250 available templates, and while that number may seembig, it’s not. Remember, your website is going to be using a template that’s likely also being used by more than 4,000 other Wix-built websites. That’s assuming all their templates get used evenly across the board.

But, if you run a bakery and you pick the theme that’s “perfect for bakers,” now you’ve doomed your website to look like a large number of other bakery websites who are also using Wix. If somebody was researching your industry and found that your website resembled a number of other websites in the same industry, how do you think that will look? Will it build confidence in your brand? Probably not.

If you turned to WordPress for your small business website solution, the pool of off-the-shelf themes available is in the . Of course, you could also look to a website design team like eWebscapes to build a custom site for you so you really stand out!

Do whatever you want, as long as they allow it.

Countless times, I have heard people complain about Facebook. They’ll say something like, “I sure wish Facebook would let me do… [insert missing feature].” And, while Facebook is great at letting you do a LOT, if there are things you want to do that the site doesn’t support, you’re out of luck.

Website builders are the same as Facebook in this regard. They have a number of features that they provide. If there’s a feature they don’t offer, or if you would like to modify an existing one, all you can do is hope that they add it or allow you to modify it in the future. Your ability to customize features is limited by their available offerings.

The only way to truly have the freedom to do whatever you want with your website is to use a platform like WordPress where you have the ability to add or modify the code to do whatever you can dream up. (Remember, you can always hire a website developer to help you, but you’re still in control.)

Building a house on somebody else’s land.

Did you know that you can have your own storefront on Amazon? There are thousands of businesses who use Amazon as their sole platform for selling their products. The appeal is obvious; instant access to millions of buyers.

But if you ever take a look at the online forums for Amazon sellers, you’ll find just as many people complaining about whatever the latest changes are to Amazon’s rules for sellers. And do you know what the sellers’ options are for dealing with Amazon’s rule changes? They can complain, or they can stop using the platform.

Also important to consider when relying on somebody else’s platform: what would happen if the service you are using was sold to another service who decided to shut it down? It’s happened before. To think it can’t happen is naive.

And, I keep coming back to it, but it’s an important point. With WordPress, it’s all about freedom—freedom to do whatever you want and not be limited by somebody else’s rules.

Your data is bound and shackled.

Let’s assume for a minute that you didn’t listen to my first three warnings and you’ve gone ahead and built your site using a website builder. Then your business explodes in popularity and you decide now is the time to switch to a new platform to support the influx of website traffic. That is fantastic news, to be sure. However, you’re about to be in for a rude awakening.

Website builders don’t want to lose your business. So, making it easy to export all your data in a way that is simple to convert to a new platform isn’t high on their list of priorities. If your website is small and simply has a handful of static pages, recreating those in a platform like WordPress would be pretty easy. But, if you’re selling products on your site, converting your product data, not to mention your customer and sales data, is going to require major work.

When starting a business, it’s not a great idea to just wing it. Building it up one way only to tear it down and build it up again is both expensive and a waste of your valuable time. Your company’s website is no different. Your website is an extension of your business and will likely be the first way your potential customers interact with you. Don’t leave that up to chance. Build your site on a platform that you have control over from the start. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, ruffle trim cropped trousers Black N°21 b1JSxrs0i9
. We would love to partner with you.

Be careful not to let your website give the wrong impression about your company.

Jennings Brown

Uber has begun running constant background checks on its drivers so that the company can know immediately if a driver is charged with a crime.

Since Uber started testing the system earlier this month, it has barred 25 people from operating as Uber drivers, according to Axios , which first reported the new initiative. Now the company plans to roll out the service for all U.S. Uber drivers.

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6/29/18 8:26am

Last month, Uber said it would soon start performing background checks on all drivers in the U.S. every year. The announcement came a few weeks after a Womens Hwvo6693050 Handbag Guess luxtMwp
that at least 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing passengers.

But today’s news is a significant escalation to the safety-check plan. Uber’s VP of safety and insurance, Gus Fuldner, told Axios that the company believes this “is a way to get the same kind of info as in a background check, but get it in a real-time manner.”

To monitor drivers constantly, Uber is working with background-check company Checkr, which uses names and Social Security numbers to check court records, sex offender registries, motor vehicle records, and terrorist watch lists. The system also relies on the real-time data collection company Appriss, which can provide constant updates with new information from local municipalities.

Under this new plan, whenever a driver is charged with a crime, the system will alert Uber and the company will then decide if that person should remain an Uber driver or be removed from the platform.

[ Axios /]

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Jennings Brown

Senior editor and reporter at Gizmodo

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Working for a Scandal-Tainted Company Hurts Your Future Earnings
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Fredrik Broden
Why a Corporate Scandal Will Follow You Even If You Weren’t Involved
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From the September 2016 Issue
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Executive Summary

Executives with scandal-tainted companies on their résumés pay a penalty on the job market, even if they clearly had nothing to do with the trouble. Because the scandal effect is lasting, a company you left long ago could have an impact on your current and future job mobility, not to mention your compensation. Overall, executives who suffer from the effect are paid nearly 4% less than their peers. You can’t control this risk, the authors write, but you can and should plan for it.

They offer three steps to help you survive a corporate scandal.

1. Be forthright. Transparency and full disclosure are key to overcoming the stigma. Executive recruiters, who do due diligence on candidates, can help you create a full, clear, and succinct narrative for hiring managers.

2. “Borrow” reputation and legitimacy from others in your network, establishing innocence by association. Executive search firms can also act as references and sponsors.

3. Take a “rehab job,” one at which you so clearly excel that it creates a persuasive story to compete with the scandal narrative.

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The Finding

Executives with scandal-tainted companies on their résumés pay a penalty on the job market—even if they had nothing to do with the misbehavior.

The Reason

The stigma that arises from scandal plays an outsize role in hiring decisions because judging other people accurately is difficult and because those making executive hires tend toward conservatism.

The Answer

If you have a scandal-tainted firm on your résumé, you should address the matter forthrightly, establish relationships with people who can attest to your character, and consider taking a “rehab job.”

In September 2015 Volkswagen was found to have intentionally set controls on its diesel engines to misrepresent their emissions levels. Some 11 million cars worldwide had the “defeat” program installed. This discovery led to an immediate plunge in Volkswagen’s stock price; government investigations in North America, Europe, and Asia; the resignation of its CEO and the suspension of other executives; the company’s record loss in 2015; and a tab estimated at more than $19 billion to rectify the issues. The scandal did incalculable damage to Volkswagen’s brand. Imagine that you are an engineer in Mexico, or an HR executive in the United States, or a logistics expert in Poland. You worked for Volkswagen from 2004 to 2008, before the new emissions controls were even in place, and you never worked in the divisions that created the deceptive programming. Lately you’ve been unhappy in your current job and have been thinking about making a change. Your long-ago association with VW shouldn’t be a problem—right?

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